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E Komo Mai

Welcome to! During 2013, Parker Ranch embarked on a comprehensive integrated resource planning effort to explore the possibility of reducing the cost of electricity for the Waimea community. Parker Ranch lands are endowed with significant potential energy resources. These resources include wind, solar, biomass and, possibly, geothermal. Parker Ranch commenced a utility-grade resource planning …Read More »

Civil Beat: Renewable Energy – Let’s Make a Deal


HECO needs to accelerate the move to renewables for the benefit of all.
In Hawaii, we’ve been talking about renewable energy for decades.

We launched the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) six years ago. We now generate only about 18 percent of our energy from renewable sources. Progress is very, very slow.

Why? Progress is excruciatingly slow, at least in part, because we succumb to our tendencies.

Let’s Make a Deal: Our renewable energy future is within reach for all >>