Monthly Archives: July 2017

Paniolo Power succeeds in having Parker Ranch’s renewable energy resource potential recognized in the PUC’s Power Supply Improvement Plan docket

After nearly three years actively participating in this energy planning process, the PUC and HELCO recognized the significant renewable energy resources at Parker Ranch. On October 3, 2016, the PUC staff recognized the credible people and qualified analysts (the Siemens team) working for Paniolo Power. The PUC’s consultant stated, “Seldom, in a proceeding like this, do we hear comments from a party that are well documented and well expressed and with the amount of detail that Paniolo has provided. That’s exceptional in terms of what they produced.”

The PUC further recognized Paniolo Power’s effort in the docket in its Decision & Order No. 34696. (PDF 11 MB)