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Paniolo Power succeeds in having Parker Ranch’s renewable energy resource potential recognized in the PUC’s Power Supply Improvement Plan docket

After nearly three years actively participating in this energy planning process, the PUC and HELCO recognized the significant renewable energy resources at Parker Ranch. On October 3, 2016, the PUC staff recognized the credible people and qualified analysts (the Siemens team) working for Paniolo Power. The PUC’s consultant stated, “Seldom, in a proceeding like this, do we hear comments from a party that are well documented and well expressed and with the amount of detail that Paniolo has provided. That’s exceptional in terms of what they produced.”

The PUC further recognized Paniolo Power’s effort in the docket in its Decision & Order No. 34696. (PDF 11 MB)

Paniolo Power prevails in the PUC’s rejection of the sale of the Hamakua Energy Project to HELCO

On February 12, 2016 HELCO filed a request with the PUC to purchase the Hamakua Energy Partners Power Plant, a 60MW fossil-fueled combined cycle generation facility. On March 3, 2016 Paniolo Power intervened in the docket and was granted participant status. Paniolo Power was an active participant in the docket and recommended that the sale of the HEP plant to HELCO should be denied on the basis that the purchase price is too high and that the purchase was not in the best interest of the utility ratepayers. On May 4, 2017, the PUC denied the sale the sale of the HEP Plant to HELCO, citing many of the issues presented by Paniolo Power.

View the Docket: Dkt 2016-0033 20170504 Decision and Order No. 34536 (PDF 3.4 MB)

Paniolo Power participates in the documentary, “Frontiers of Clean Energy”, with the Governor and other energy leaders”

This program begins with an in-depth interview with Jose Dizon of Paniolo Power, a subsidiary of Parker Ranch, and continues with HECO, environmental groups and wraps up with Gov. Ige. The theme is what issues need to be addressed despite the continuing roll-out of renewable energy systems. It goes into what will happen five or 10 years in the future, or longer.

Paniolo Power Files Motion to Consolidate Merger, PSIP Dockets

(KAMUELA, HAWAI‘I, MARCH 9, 2015)—Paniolo Power Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Parker Ranch, Inc., filed a motion today to merge two of the most important cases currently before the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission into one docket—the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ (HECO)-NextEra acquisition and the HECO clean energy plan.

The Change of Control docket addresses NextEra Energy, Inc.’s proposed acquisition of the HECO Companies. The PSIP docket addresses HECO’s long-term clean energy strategy and transition plan.

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Parker Ranch Partners with NextEra Energy Resources

(KAMUELA, HAWAI‘I, January 16, 2015) —Parker Ranch announced earlier today that Parker Ranch Foundation Trust (PRFT) has entered into an agreement with an affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. This agreement provides NextEra Energy Resources with long-term access rights to PRFT lands to develop renewable energy derived from PRFT’s wind resources.

“We have been aggressively seeking ways to reduce the cost of electricity for our community and our island by using the potential renewable energy resources available on PRFT’s Hawai‘i Island lands,” said Neil (“Dutch”) Kuyper, President and CEO of Parker Ranch. “During this time, we have also been seeking capital and technical expertise from potential development partners. We have been working collaboratively with NextEra Energy Resources for more than a year and believe that they are the ideal partner to utilize PRFT’s wind resources.” Continue reading Parker Ranch Partners with NextEra Energy Resources

Paniolo Power Company, LLCs Preliminary Comments on the HECO Companies’ Power Supply Improvement Plans

PANIOLO POWER COMPANY, LLC, a Hawaii limited liability company (“Paniolo Power”), through its counsel, Yamamoto Caliboso LLLC and Hogan Lovells US LLP, hereby submit these comments to the Power Supply improvement Plans (“PSIP”) filed by Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc (“HECO”), Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. (“HELCO”), and Maui Electric Company, Limited (collectively, the “HECO Companies”).

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Civil Beat: Renewable Energy – Let’s Make a Deal


HECO needs to accelerate the move to renewables for the benefit of all.
In Hawaii, we’ve been talking about renewable energy for decades.

We launched the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) six years ago. We now generate only about 18 percent of our energy from renewable sources. Progress is very, very slow.

Why? Progress is excruciatingly slow, at least in part, because we succumb to our tendencies.

Let’s Make a Deal: Our renewable energy future is within reach for all >>

Paniolo Power Company Names Jose Dizon as General Manager

JoseDizon-500(KAMUELA, HAWAII, September 15, 2014)—Dutch Kuyper, President and CEO of Parker Ranch, Inc., today announced that Jose Dizon will join Paniolo Power Company, LLC as General Manager.

Dizon will lead Paniolo Power to pursue Parker Ranch’s renewable energy potential and seek alternative strategies to produce power at more attractive rates for the Waimea and Kohala communities as well as Hawaii Island.

“This is a major milestone for Parker Ranch,” said Kuyper. “We believe that our vision and ideas, developed in conjunction with Siemens and Booz Allen, have a real chance of being realized under Jose’s leadership. His expertise on energy issues and extensive experience in Hawaii’s utility industry will further strengthen Paniolo Power’s efforts to lower electricity rates and increase energy security. We are pleased that Jose is joining our team.”

Prior to joining Paniolo Power, Dizon was Principal at Jose Dizon & Associates, a Hawaii-based energy consulting firm.

“I look forward to returning to the Big Island and working with the Parker Ranch team to implement sustainable energy solutions,” said Dizon. “The Big Island is very special to me and Parker Ranch is equally special, with its unique history and mission to improve the quality of life in Waimea. Given the island’s rich natural resources, significantly higher renewables generation and lower rates are within reach.”

Before forming his own consulting firm, Dizon worked at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility as head of the Nuclear Quality and Engineering Assessment Branch. He has a broad utility background from Hawaiian Electric Company where he held numerous leadership positions in operations, planning, corporate communications and engineering. He was heavily involved in the integration of renewable energy, and led the Hawaiian Electric utilities in the Reliability Standards Working Group docket.

Dizon was assigned to Hawaii Electric Light Company on the Big Island in 2007 where he led the Engineering Department, and was later appointed to fill the newly created position of General Manager in 2008 until his departure in 2011. As General Manager, Dizon oversaw HELCO engineering, production, distribution, facilities, marketing, government relations and public relations. He reached out to the community, civic and business organizations as well as state and island leadership.

Dizon received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering computer sciences and nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkley and is a registered professional engineer. He served in the United States Navy and was formerly on the Board of Directors for Hawaii Island United Way.

About Paniolo Power Company, LLC
Paniolo Power Company, LLC is a subsidiary of Parker Ranch, Inc., one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in the United States. Paniolo Power was established in April 2014 to pursue community-based and reasonably-priced clean energy for the Waimea and Kohala communities as well as for Hawaii Island. Paniolo Power is leveraging Parker Ranch resources to develop affordable, renewable energy to increase Hawaii Island’s energy security. To learn more, visit


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